Benefits of Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

The main reasons or benefits of Group Health Insurance that are making it increasingly important incorporates today are that pre-existing conditions can be covered from day one. In contrast, traditional retail health insurance only covers healthy members and has a waiting period for pre-existing diseases.

According to statistics, more than 35% of corporations provide coverage equal to or greater than three lakhs as the sum insured, and 95% of diseases in India are treated within the 3 lakh sum insured, which appears to be a sufficient amount of coverage! Companies can use the Group Health Insurance policy option to give their employees who work for the same company.

Typically, the employer provides this coverage as a benefit to the employees. Employees, spouses, dependent children, and dependent parents/in-laws can all be covered under the policy. Compared to retail / individual health insurance plans available on the market, the rates will be significantly lower, with higher policy benefits for the policyholder.

Who is eligible to purchase group health insurance?

Start-ups, SMEs, and Corporations with a minimum of 7 employees can purchase Group Health Insurance coverage.

What are the advantages of purchasing a group health insurance policy?

The Group Health Insurance policy has numerous advantages. Individuals have access to a policy that is not offered on the open market.

The following are some of the key features

  • Employees are not required to undergo medical examinations or sign a health declaration.
  • Parents’ age limits can be extended up to 90 years.
  • Maternity coverage is available from the first day of the policy.
  • From the first day of the policy, newborn babies are covered.
  • Group Insurance can cover pre-existing conditions from the start.
  • The policy has no waiting periods.
  • We can modify the Group Health Insurance Policies to meet the employer’s demands because they are custom-made policies.